Hi, So You’re Single—These Steamy Novels Will Get You Ready For The Next Relationship Coming Up

If you’re currently single and looking to jump back into the dating scene but still waiting for Mr. Right to arrive, reading a romance novel might be a guilty pleasure you’d like to indulge in. Fortunately, there’s nothing better than a romance story that gets your imagination going. I mean, epic love stories and hot-heavy scenes are much more enticing in words than they are on the screen, and a well-written piece may leave you breathless and wanting more, which is pretty sexy in my book.

We all know how a typical romance story goes. Boy meets girl. Boy fails girl. Boy gets girl back. Seems simple enough, right? Not so fast. The landscape of romance can be rich and diverse in various ways in the course that true love can take. And yes, it’s supposed to be sexy and written to be enjoyed. I’ll have you remember that a good romance is fun, smart, savvy, increasingly inclusive, and a guaranteed good time for everyone.

Here’s a list of “6” romance novels that are written for your personal enjoyment and will not disappoint.

Bridget Jones Diary,  by Helen Fielding

This is a love story about a British single woman in her thirties and how she faces everyday problems but also good moments. I chose this book because I saw the movie and liked the love triangle behind it. A book written as a personal diary, we discover how Bridget behaves in modern society which has many features that you can relate to present times. Another reason, I really enjoyed it, is because I felt close to the story since the novel is written by a young woman, in an informal style. I also liked the fact that it paraphrases the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen (I’ve read most of her books) and the importance of ‘Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and pride. I also appreciate the chemistry she has with Daniel Cleaver; it’s simply hot. Even if he is a playboy, I love the wordplay between them and the scenes when they hook up. At times it was hard for me to choose between Mark and Daniel, but we all know the playboy is never to be mistaken for marriage material. All in all, do not hesitate to read it!

Sex and the City,  by Candace Bushnell

I am a fan of the show who enjoyed this book. It’s about the upper echelon and their obsession with status. Even if it’s not your typical romance novel, I decided to read on because it tells the story of a group of social climbing friends and their brutal behavior towards life and people in general. Bye the way, I’ve always found social climbers weirdly fascinating. Most of the stories from the first season of the book are lifted from the show and some of the characters are different (Charlette is not the preppy friend of Carrie but rather the love-jaded English woman we only see on the pilot of the show). What drew me in the most was the whirlwind romance, between Mr. Big and Carrie. Oh, Mr. Big. We all inspire to find our Mr. Big, and I have to admit I really wanted them to end up together. However, in the real world, this would never work. Getting involved with a man that leads you on for 10 years, does not make for a happy ending. It’s not a Hallmark read or even a book with likable characters, but it does shed some light on what being with Mr. Wrong, can look like. Overall, an entertaining and fascinating read for fans of the Sex and the City show.

Fifty Shades of Grey,  by E.L James

It’s about a college senior Ana who steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman, Christian Grey for their campus paper, who essentially melts her panties off with the first look. This book is pretty ballsy to cast the romantic lead- a character who ties up ladies for erotic enjoyment–then gets rid of them only to fall in love with a ditsy/insecure college student. Apart from the sex scenes that leave nothing to the imagination I think what intrigued me most about this book was all the negative reviews it received. This book isn’t high lit or anything but it’s still good and sends the message across. Everyone is talking about the book, and you can tell many are baffled by its success but I’m not, it’s a simple read and many people appreciate simple and to the point. Also, I learned from a google search, that the author was just using the fanfic community for feedback and the book was intended as a tribute and not initially for publication. So on those grounds, I think E.L James rocks and kudos to her for giving her readers the hottest erotica book, ever. And for the record, I’m not into BDSM…but this book did pique my interest.

The Notebook,  by Nicholas Sparks

I had to put this one on here. No one does young love like Sparks, whose hits A Walk to Remember, Message in a Bottle, and Nights in Rodanthe have made it to the screen. After finishing the book and crying my eyes out, I knew I had to own the movie. It’s an easy flow of the story as it progresses from chapter to chapter. It has a good message about relationships, too which is refreshing in these days where most romance novels are just puff pieces with no real character development. I can relate to the feelings that the two main characters have for each other for the first time in years, so it was interesting to read how well the emotions of the moment were captured. Definitely one of those easy-reads that I’m looking for in a good book, minus dementia, though.

The Time Traveler’s Wife,  by Audrey Niffenegger

What did I love most about this story? The love story. It was truly enchanting. The two protagonists, Henry and Clare were not only meant for each other but it’s as if they were destined to be together. They will go on to face obstacles upon obstacles, but their love for another never wanes. It’s a boy meets girl. Boy travels back in time to visit girl throughout her childhood. Henry is a modern Odysseus. He represents the spring, the adventurer, the one that all women secretly want to fall in love with. And his love for Clare is beautiful and meant for those who enjoy eating their desert slowly. She’s the archetypal mother and the wife, and there’s a strange aspect of a grown man seeing the woman he love’s as a little girl, who crushes on him, without being too weird for the reader. The plot point is immense as it serves as a metaphor for the cycle of life. This is a complete “chic-flick” and that’s fine with me. It’s one of my favorite books!

The Kiss Quotient,  by Helen Hong

I truly loved this book. Loved! It made me feel all dreamy, happy and light. Each page brought about a bigger smile and my anticipation grew with each word. This is her own voices novel about a high-functioning woman who has succeeded in every aspect of her life, except for love. And because she throws herself into work, Stella is kind of lonely, she wants to find someone that she can be herself with. The lead character has Aspergers syndrome and has hired a male escort to spruce up her sex life. Hong charms us with a complex protagonist and inspires people to consider what makes a modern romance novel. This book is funny and it’s along the lines of Pretty Woman in reverse. I would recommend this book. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and steamy.

If I’ve missed a romance novel that makes you want to fall in love with the lead male character let me know?

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