Sticking It Out

Life works best when a person comes to the conclusion that no one is going to save you. In reality, you have been given every tool you need to save yourself. And it’s entirely your own decision whether you want to save yourself or not.

My friend Jerry calls this theory, sticking with yourself. It only works when you create a systematic way to move towards your dream-life every day. This means you’re telling yourself that you’re going to take some risk and that you’re not going to pull the parachute and quit on your dreams when things get tough. So with the right mindset you can use this philosophy to tackle whatever comes your way.

Many times you have to trust your gut and know that if you finish out this self-journey, that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Because there’s something that you’re supposed to learn. There’s a golden lessen here, and if you remain steadfast the lesson will be worth your time the longer you stick to it; and pay your penance.

What does this systematic way entail? If you have a big goal, then you should create an action plan with small steps. By focusing on and taking small steps towards your goal; you make getting what you want from life less overwhelming. Rather than be overwhelmed by the big picture, these small directed steps allow you to make progress each day.

It’s quite possible to achieve these steps by finding your identity. Creating a personal journal; a daily in-depth evaluation of your experiences can increase self-awareness as well as helping you learn new skills. A personal journal will allow you to identify with what you like or dislike about your life, where you may be stuck, and how to push your brain to the limit of success. Also once you’ve faced some of these truths, you can learn to get out of your comfort zone. This will allow you to take calculative risk, grow stronger, build your self-esteem–while preparing you mentally for the next task ahead.

No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Often times, it will take going through some uncomfortable and challenging situations with yourself to come out on the other side. Shaking your hand with yourself and realizing that you’re the only person that you can’t get rid of, will help you make peace with some of your past mistakes. From there you can figure out what you’re going to put up with and what you’re going to forgive. Hopefully, this will help you start enjoying your own company, again.

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